Nepal Foreign Trade Association
नेपाल समुद्रपार निकासी पैठारी संघ

Customs Committee

  • Mr. Shiva Kumar Agrawal, Chairperson
  • Mr. Kumar Karki, Vice-Chairpersoni

Revenue Investigation and Anti Money Laundering Committee

  • Mr. Madan Mittal, Chairperson
  • Suresh Kumar Agrawal, member
  • Mr.Sawarmal Agrawal, Vice-chairperson

Tax Committee

  • Deepak Nepal, Chairperson
  • Suresh Kumar Agrawal, Vice Chairman

Banking Committee

  • Pawan Kumar Agrawal, Chairperosn

Trade Fair, Seminar and Workshop Committee

  • Mr. Anil Kumar Agrawal, Chairperson
  • Vishal Agrawal, Vice Chairman

Social Activities Committee

  • Mr.Khagendra Sitaula, Chairperson

Import-Export Committee

  • Mr. Govinda Sanghai, Chairperson

Seminar & Workshop Committee

  • Mr. Anil Kumar Agrawal, Chairperson

Foreign Affairs, Publicity and Bulletin Committee

  • Mr. Amit Agrawal, Chairperson

Membership Development Committee

  • Mr. Pradeep Rajgarhia, Chairperson